Discover the Truth Behind Common Medical Myths

Has your doctor unknowingly misled you with outdated or incorrect medical advice? The rapid pace of medical research means that only the most dedicated practitioners stay fully informed. Unfortunately, many well-meaning doctors continue to propagate myths that can negatively impact your health. It's time to uncover the truth and take control of your well-being.

In "Lies My Doctor Told Me," Dr. Ken Berry reveals the truth behind widespread medical myths perpetuated by well-meaning doctors. This book helps you navigate through the misinformation and develop a healthier relationship with your doctor and your own health choices.
Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health

Common Medical Myths Debunked

Does your doctor still recommend avoiding cholesterol and consuming lots of whole grains? Have they ever discussed the benefits of paleo or ketogenic diets? It's time to question the conventional wisdom and explore evidence-based alternatives.
What You'll Learn
This book will provide you with crucial insights into:
The Effects of Whole Wheat
Understand how whole wheat impacts your body.
Milk and Your Health
Learn whether milk is beneficial or harmful.
Fat Intake and Heart Health
Discover the real facts about dietary fat and heart disease.
The Food Pyramid's Origins
Uncover how the Food Pyramid was created and its implications.
Hormone Therapy
Weigh the dangers and benefits of hormone therapy.
The Food Pyramid's Origins
Uncover how the Food Pyramid was created and its implications.
The Truth About Salt
Get the facts about salt consumption and its effects on health.
Prevention and Nutrition
Gain insights into how doctors approach prevention and nutritional advice.
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Lies My Doctor Told Me

Uncover the truth behind common medical myths and protect your health with this eye-opening book. Learn about the real impact of whole wheat, the benefits and risks of milk, and the effects of fat intake on heart health.

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