May 27, 2024

Carnivore Diet 101

Enjoy Your Bacon!

The Nitrate/Nitrite Cancer Scare Destroyed

For years we’ve been told that processed and/or cured meats increase our risk of cancer. I decided to delve into the research and the common-sense of this issue and see what I could fine. You will be surprised at how strong one is, and how weak the other.


Are Eggs Bad For Your Heart? (The JAMA Study 2022)

Eggs are good for you. No wait, eggs are bad for you! Well actually, eggs are good for you. Wait Wait!?? Are you as tired of this as I am? Eggs have been around for the entire existance of mankind on this planet, and we have eaten as many of them as we could get our hands on. But now, a new study in JAMA tries to raise new worries about eating eggs.

Eggs are almost a complete, super-food for humans. People have lived on eggs alone for years and been healthy the entire time. How then can we understand a new study trying to tell us that eggs might increase the risk of us dying? In this video I will deal with the question, Is Eating Eggs Bad for Your Heart? You might be surprised at my final point at the end of this video.

It is very important that we eat the foods that are good for us and avoid the food-like products that are bad for us. Are you ready? Let’s dig in…


Red Meat & Cancer: 3 Thoughts From A Doctor

We’ve been told for a few decades that eating meat is somehow bad for our health.
But we have been eating lots of meat in our diet for many eons, so can it be bad?
In this video, we will discuss the 3 thoughts you should have when any “scientific” claim is made that seems to fly in the face of what we have always done.

Indeed, science has given us many wonderful things and will continue to do so. But, sometimes science is hijacked and used as a paid advertisement for certain products, sometimes science is mis-performed due to the researcher’s preconceived notions on the topic, and sometimes the results of research are not protected in a controlled fashion.

Whether you should eat meat, eat red meat, eat processed meat, or eat charred meat are vital questions to your overall health as a person, and to our overall health as a species. What do you think of these studies and what they purport to show?


Extreme Weight Loss Hack (The BBBE Challenge)

Severe Obesity is dangerous. Welcome to the BBBE Challenge! Here is an extreme weight loss hack you can succeed with when all other diets have failed. If you want to lose fat and keep your muscle then try this diet. Don’t waste your money on pills, powders, or other products, you can buy everything you need for this diet hack at your local grocery. Loss fat and improve health by eating BBB&E!

Weight loss diets usually require to you spend lots of money on products or subscriptions and then don’t work long-term. This diet hack is different. You don’t have to join anything or buy anything; you only have to eat real food (as much as you want) to get the benefits.


Going Carnivore? What About Vitamin C?

Are you thinking about going Carnivore? The Carnivore Diet is becoming very popular, but there have been questions about Vitamin C and even SCURVY! If you are considering this diet you should know a few facts about Vitamin C.

There are people who have been practicing Carnivory for 2 decades, and they have great skin, great muscles and all their teeth. How are they doing this when everyone Knows that you can only get vitamin C from fruits and a little from veg??

Turns out, as is the case regarding many nutrition topics, we’ve only been told half the story. This video, and my other videos about the carnivore diet, may help clear up any confusion about the safety of the carnivore diet.


The 5 Benefits Of A Carnivore Diet + Bonus Content

Have you heard about the crazy Carnivore Diet yet? It’s a diet where you eat only meat and animal-sourced foods. Even though it might sound weird (or even dangerous) now, I’d advise you to look into it a little bit. If you suffer from chronic health conditions (physical or mental) this diet might give you hope.

Tens of Thousands of people (including @PowerfulJRE & my wife, @Neisha Loves It ) are now using a Carnivore Diet to improve their skin, their gut, their joints and even their mental health. If you are not happy with the results you’re getting from your current diet, why not try the Carnivore Diet for 1-3 months? It definitely won’t hurt you, and might help you more than you ever imagined!